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Welcome to SBS Switchboards – Sydney’s preferred Electrical Switchboard Manufacturer.

We specialise in plug and play commercial boards for technical installations. These boards come with all applicable electrical equipment, contactors, PLCs, protection relays and other circuitry, and are able to integrate into the clients installation.

Boards come completely pre-wired so the switchboard installation can be performed by the site electrician in a couple of hours.

Certificates and electrical drawings are supplied with all boards.

Our Temporary Switchboards are wired up and ready to be used immediately. They are designed to be used for temporary power supply for construction and demolition sites in accordance with AS/NZS3012 and meet all safety requirements.

  • Single Phase Boards
  • Three Phase Boards
  • Custom Made Boards

Customised protection relay requirements can be met and protection relays can be tested in house or on site as required.

Our test plans simulate the different functions of the relays and are considered the standard for both operation and repeatability for future testing of the same device.

Protection relay test reports are filed for easy access and to fit into any asset management tools.